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Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony - Musician All things considered, Marc Anthony has done pretty well for himself. While there may be some folks that believe his marriage, association and dealings with Jennifer Lopez propelled him to his current status, he has managed quite well on his own. On a multitude of platforms, Anthony has demonstrated that he in his own right deserves the attention, respect and accolades that continue to come his way.
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Jesse James
Jesse James - Business It you need a lesson on how to create, operate and succeed on a reality show, you only need to look as far as Jesse James. The tatted-up reality show personality has a three pack of successful shows on a variety of networks that keep his image and legacy close to the outlaw namesake. James has run the show Jesse James is a Dead Man that plays on Spike TV. He has hosted Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. And he has a new series called Jesse James Outlaw Garage on the Discovery network.
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Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford - Model Not only is Cindy Crawford one of the sexiest babes of the 90s, the Illinois native was valedictorian of her high school class and earned a scholarship to the tough Northwestern University. Okay, she decided that after one quarter to go full time into modeling, but she has got both the looks and the smarts to go with it.
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Bow Wow 
Bow Wow - Musician From an early age, Shad Gregory Moss must have used the maxim, 'Take No Prisoners.' Despite not ever meeting or growing up with his biological father, the man-boy now called Bow Wow showed no fear as he took on the ranks of the rap world before he was even ten. That tenacity is reflected in his net worth of $$$.
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Age: 29
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