Best Ways To Get Rich, Go Broke Editor Nathaniel Hines breaks down three things that bring mega wealth, and three that send you into the gilded poor house.

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Joe Francis
Don't ever expect to see Joe Francis championing women's rights issues. His whole empire has been as over the top misogyny as you can get. As the creator and owner of the Girls Gone Wild franchise, his productions continue to titillate its buyers with a quick flash of skin and girl on girl lip locks that lack real passion.
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Mariah Carey
She may have her legs insured for a billion dollars and have a fleet of expensive cars available at her disposal, but cautious folks would never get in a car with Mariah Carey at the wheel. The uber songstress that can carve up a high note like no other hasn't been so lucky when it came time to pass her driver's test. It took three times before the platinum record-making diva passed. That hasn't stopped the curvaceous crooner from racking up a net worth of $$$.
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Mel Gibson
It seems like Mel Gibson has let his Mad Max character creep back into his life like a flashback as his temperament continues to grab headlines on TMZ. But Gibson's film work since his initial break as Max has been a constant stream of box office bonanzas that has made the New York-born Australian a very rich man.
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Birthday Celebrities
Keanu Reeves turns 50 today
Mark Harmon turns 63 today
Celebrity Astrology: Virgo
Lance Armstrong
Age: 43
Warren Buffett
Age: 84
Beyonce Knowles
Age: 33
Kobe Bryant
Age: 36
Charlie Sheen
Age: 39
Leann Rimes
Age: 32
Flo Rida 
Age: 35
Elisabetta Canalis
Age: 36
Jimmie Johnson
Age: 39
Carlo Gambino
Age: 112
Adam Sandler
Age: 48
Jerry Bruckheimer
Age: 69
Jose Aldo
Age: 28
Keanu Reeves
Age: 50
Dave Ramsey
Age: 54
Shaun White
Age: 28
Bruce Springsteen
Age: 65
Gene Simmons
Age: 65
Dr Phil McGraw
Age: 64
Marc Anthony
Age: 46
Mark Harmon
Age: 63
Tyler Perry
Age: 35
Stephen King
Age: 67
Cameron Diaz
Age: 42
Carlos Rivas
Age: 65
Andrew Luck
Age: 25
Jason Bay
Age: 36
Matt Kemp
Age: 30
Jennifer Hudson
Age: 33
James Gandolfini
Age: 53
Cesar Millan
Age: 45
Wiz Khalifa
Age: 27
Age: 18
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