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Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa Gabor - Actor Zsa Zsa Gabor spent most of her life relying on her looks, her wit and her ability to climb socially. The Hungarian beauty queen managed to light up the social calendar during the 1950s as a dazzling blond, sophisticated with a European flair that drove men crazy. She married nine of them.
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Rick Ross
Rick Ross - Musician Rapper Rick Ross rose above the pack to carve out his own niche in the Hip Hop world and his estimated net worth of $$$ certainly reflects that. He keeps it real with his in your face lyrics, but ‘rhyming’ is not his only game. Aiming at the title music mogul, Ross also produces and has his own record label Maybach Music Group.
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Jesse Jane
Jesse Jane - Porn With platinum blond hair, a 6-foot-3 inch frame, long eye-lashes and two big, er, enticing eyes, Jesse Jane extols the virtues that porn industry aficionados appreciate. Jane has turned her high school cheerleading talents into a variety talk show that delves into adult discussions. As a host of a cable show called DP Tonight, Jame and her co-hosts discuss adult industry gossip, audience interaction and the latest and greatest stars of the adult world. She has starred in several very commercially successful adult flicks.
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Madonna Ciccone
Madonna Ciccone - Musician It seems like wherever Madonna pops up, controversy is sure to follow. It may be the 2012 NFL Super Bowl halftime show or mixing it up on Twitter, but the 50+ year old singer knows how to stir the pot and re-invent herself to stay on top of the musical world. Madonna has been able to go from being Like a Virgin to being a real Material Girl with a net worth of $$$.
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Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera - Musician Christina Aguilera has one of the most memorable voices in the business, according to Rolling Stone magazine which ranked her 58th on their Greatest Singer of All Time list. She is the youngest ever featured on the prestigious compilation and has a net worth of $$$ to match.
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Cee Lo
Cee Lo - Musician Sometimes, it's just easy to put it out there. To say what you mean and mean what you say. Credit Cee Lo Green to keep that mindset going as his direct messages with his songwriting and performing has lifted his net worth to $$$ over the course of his career.
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Birthday Celebrities
Derek Jeter turns 45 today
Ryan Tedder turns 40 today

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Jesse Ventura
Age: 68
CC Sabathia
Age: 39
Age: 44
Lindsay Lohan
Age: 33
Sylvester Stallone
Age: 73
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 32
Derek Jeter
Age: 45
Tom Cruise
Age: 57
Richie Sambora
Age: 60
Vin Diesel
Age: 52
Pauly D 
Age: 39
Liv Tyler
Age: 42
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 32
Courtney Love
Age: 55
50 Cent 
Age: 44
Mike Tyson
Age: 53
Ryan Tedder
Age: 40
Corey Feldman
Age: 48
David Hasselhoff
Age: 67
Jesse Jane
Age: 39
Lionel Messi
Age: 32
Toby Keith
Age: 58
Gisele Bundchen
Age: 39
Sofia Vergara
Age: 47
Pamela Anderson
Age: 52
Will Ferrell
Age: 52
Rob Dyrdek
Age: 45
Elon Musk
Age: 48
Mark Burnett
Age: 59
Tom Hanks
Age: 63
Selena Gomez
Age: 27
George W Bush
Age: 73
OJ Simpson
Age: 72
Torii Hunter
Age: 44
Julian Assange
Age: 48
John Rockefeller
Age: 180
JJ Abrams
Age: 53
Edie Falco
Age: 56
Meryl Streep
Age: 70
Kevin Bacon
Age: 61
Brock Lesnar
Age: 42
Jon Jones
Age: 32
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