Best Ways To Get Rich, Go Broke Editor Nathaniel Hines breaks down three things that bring mega wealth, and three that send you into the gilded poor house.

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Flo Rida 
If you don't know where he came from Tramar Dillard's stage name of Flo Rida will clarify things in a hurry. The Coral City, Florida native has been rapping, singing and songwriting since 2008 as he attempts to strengthen his hold on a mercurial genre. Dillard's net worth is currently $$$.
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Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom makes for a great story when it comes to whether his computer activity is legal or not. Over the years, he has gone toe-to-toe attempting to have his way. Right now, the U.S. Government has been doing everything to thwart him from continuing with a site he established called
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Jon Bon Jovi
If there were a blue collar classification for a rock band member, John Bon Jovi would fit that bill. He's been at it since he was 16. Now past the half century mark, the man behind the band Bon Jovi continues to apply his workmanlike style to each and every one of his passions that now include, film, television, charity work, political activism, husband and father – besides the singing gigs. Since he cracked into the music business his net worth reflects his dug in style with an amount of $$$.
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Pablo Escobar
With a negotiating motto like “either silver or lead” Pablo Escobar had a special way of convincing his business partners that he dealt in and believed in metal beside just beautiful, exotic flowers from South America. As one of mankind's most recognized distributors of cocaine, Escobar grew his organization modeled from the historic Robin Hood.
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Birthday Celebrities
Bruce Springsteen turns 65 today
Matt Kemp turns 30 today

Celebrity Astrology: Virgo
Lance Armstrong
Age: 43
Warren Buffett
Age: 84
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Age: 33
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Age: 36
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Age: 39
Leann Rimes
Age: 32
Flo Rida 
Age: 35
Elisabetta Canalis
Age: 36
Jimmie Johnson
Age: 39
Carlo Gambino
Age: 112
Adam Sandler
Age: 48
Jerry Bruckheimer
Age: 69
Jose Aldo
Age: 28
Keanu Reeves
Age: 50
Dave Ramsey
Age: 54
Shaun White
Age: 28
Bruce Springsteen
Age: 65
Gene Simmons
Age: 65
Dr Phil McGraw
Age: 64
Marc Anthony
Age: 46
Mark Harmon
Age: 63
Tyler Perry
Age: 35
Stephen King
Age: 67
Cameron Diaz
Age: 42
Carlos Rivas
Age: 65
Andrew Luck
Age: 25
Jason Bay
Age: 36
Matt Kemp
Age: 30
Jennifer Hudson
Age: 33
James Gandolfini
Age: 53
Cesar Millan
Age: 45
Wiz Khalifa
Age: 27
Age: 18
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