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Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian - Personality Rob Kardashian makes his money by being a television personality. He has featured in the American hit television show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, alongside his famous sister Kim Kardashian and manager mother Chris Jenner. Rob also competed in “Dancing with the Stars” and ended up in second place.
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Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels - Personality Jillian Michaels is mainly known for her appearance as a trainer in The Biggest Loser TV-show. Even though Jillian became famous through the biggest loser, she is more than just a personal trainer. The world-famous personal trainer is also a bestselling author, business woman and one of the leading experts on health and wellness.
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Robert Deniro
Robert Deniro - Actor Believe it or not, Robert De Niro didn't make the cut in the first Godfather movie, but his performance in the second – as the young Don Corleone – cemented his stature as a premier dramatic actor and also earned him an Oscar for best Supporting actor in 1974. His association during that period in his life with Martin Scorsese also prompted another iconic role for his portrayal of Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor.
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Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel - Musician When Peter Gabriel first appeared on stage in an extravagant costume, the band members of Genesis were just as surprised as the audience. The band's lead singer took it upon himself to push the edge of creativity and counter a terrible PA system by playing out a theme that stretched the imagination. For the band's song Foxtrot, Gabriel donned a flowery bodice with a helmet adorning Fox-feathers. Luckily, it worked. Genesis continued its upward bound mobility that garnered the bands reputation for as a great British bank that got its start in 19...
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Mark Burnett
Mark Burnett - Producer In 1982, Mark Burnett made a life changing decision in the mid-the air on the way from London to Los Angeles. Instead of heading into the jungles of Central American to join the British Special Service as an advisor, he opted to chase the American dream, join a buddy and take a nanny job for $250 dollars a week. That decision has turned out pretty well for him. For now, he has accomplished the goals he set that October and rests comfortably on a net worth of $$$ – a tad more than that first weekly wage. ...
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Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley - Model Christie may have made her mark with good looks, appearing on hundreds of magazine covers, but she made her wealth with real estate in the Hamptons. Christie is no slouch in her business affairs either, she broke conventional deals in the modeling business by inking a 25 year deal with Cover Girl. ...
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Birthday Celebrities
Maria Sharapova turns 32 today
Joe Mauer turns 36 today
Jesse James turns 50 today
Suge Knight turns 54 today

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Age: 39
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Age: 61
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Age: 32
Miranda Kerr
Age: 36
Peyton Manning
Age: 43
Joe Francis
Age: 46
Pete Rose
Age: 78
Victoria Beckham
Age: 45
Martin Lawrence
Age: 54
Anderson Silva
Age: 44
Danica Patrick
Age: 37
Lady Gaga 
Age: 33
Joe Mauer
Age: 36
Steven Seagal
Age: 67
Al Gore
Age: 71
Robert Kiyosaki
Age: 72
Jenna Jameson
Age: 45
James Patterson
Age: 72
David Letterman
Age: 72
Reese Witherspoon
Age: 43
Age: 50
Dave Mirra
Age: 45
Steven Tyler
Age: -29
Jesse James
Age: 50
Age: 44
Elton John
Age: 72
Kristen Stewart
Age: 29
Sarah Jessica Parker
Age: 54
Jeff Dunham
Age: 57
Robert Downey Jr
Age: 54
Age: 39
Miguel Cabrera
Age: 36
Mariah Carey
Age: 49
Eddie Murphy
Age: 58
Larry Page
Age: 46
Tom Clancy
Age: 72
Suge Knight
Age: 54
Jackie Chan
Age: 65
Rosie O'Donnell
Age: 57
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