William Hearst's Net Worth Is $4,912,500,000

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Thursday, April 19, 2012
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Mark Twain and Jack London use to call him boss.  At the turn of the 20th Century, William Randolf Hearst was set on making his mark through print journalism and the advent of mass production.  Hearst took advantage of his privileged upbring and took the reigns of the San Francisco Chronicle to a place where he owned, operated and managed more that 30 large daily newspapers in large cities around the United States at great expense.  

His populist style wasn't always welcomed by those well-situated.  He ran up against the likes of Joesph Pulitzer and the Pulitzer Publishing company on the east coast as both tried to grab the public attention and gain business share in the communication business.  The byproduct was yellow journalism that tainted the news by using spectacular headlines to gain market appeal.  

Hearst grew from newspapers into magazines and then into political persuasion.  He twice attained constituent support through the use of his publishing empire.  In a 1905 and again in 1909, Hearst unsuccessfully ran for the Mayorship of New York City.  His appetite for power seemed difficult to quench.  

The land he inherited from his father included more than one million acres of prime land in California.  In the early 1900s half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, he began building a castle in Sam Simeon, California on a quarter of the original land stake.  

Hearst formally named the estate La Cuesta Encantada ("The Enchanted Slope"), but he usually just called it "the ranch".  He also commissioned what some now call the most expensive house in the United States that is located in Beverly Hills.  That property is loaded with 29 bedrooms, tennis courts and three swimming pools.  The Beverly Hills house has since changed hands, but its price tag hovers near the $100 million mark.

Bottom Line: By controlling his lifestyle and spending less than he makes, William earns $127,500,000 per year after lifestyle, taxes and other expenses.

William Hearst Photos
The Beverly House was offered for sale for $95 million making it one of the top 10 most expensive houses in the world.  It was used in the movie The Godfather, where a studio head woke up next to a horse head! Even the guest houses at Hearst Castle are true mansions and the only thing more impressive than the indoor pool located under the tennis courts, is the outdoor pool.  Hearst Castle was a never ending project for William Randolph Hearst.  It is built on almost a quarter million acres of land, and even distant mountain peaks are part of the grounds. Do you have an at-home office?  So did William Hearst!  Here's his home office at Hearst Castle.  An owner of many newspapers, he read each of them daily and offered feedback to his editors. As a Hollywood studio head, William Hearst needed to entertain.  When he wasn't shuttling celebrities to his Hearst Castle (which had it's own airport) he could entertain in his mega mansion on Santa Monica beach.

William Hearst's Wealth
How rich is William Hearst? $4,912,500,000
How much does William Hearst earn? $127,500,000
How does William Hearst make money? Business , Inheritance , Politics
How old is William Hearst 158
Financial Advice This wealth is on autopilot and should never run out.
Interesting Facts About William Hearst
Nicknames William Randolph Hearst
What is William Hearst's Birthday? Wednesday, April 29, 1863
What is William Hearst's Sign? Taurus
How Tall Is William Hearst? 6 feet 3 inches
Is William Hearst gay ? Straight
William Hearst's Nationality American

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