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Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari - Actor Mena Suvari is mainly known as an American actress, but she is also a fashion designer and model. Suvari started her career as a model, but soon found her way to our television screens and featured in television shows as “Boy Meets World” and “High Incident”. After appearing in a few television shows, Suvari made her first film debut in “Nowhere”. The movie was a black comedy drama with a serious edge.
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Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett - Investor Warren Edward Buffett knows a thing or two about investing. Just look as his accumulated net worth of $$$. For more than seventy years, Buffett has been employing a methodology of investing that has led him to the peak as the foremost oracle when it comes to making a market. As a matter of fact, one of his nicknames is the Oracle of Omaha. Sometimes, they call him the Wizard or the Sage. All the monikers seem to fit.
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Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton - Inheritance The footprint that Paris Hilton has made as a celebrity may be hard to fill. The run up to attentiondom includes her infamous sex tape with Rick Solomon when she was 19. She has taken advantage of her financial well-being to orchestrate a media machine that has featured her comings and goings in order to highlight her presence.
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Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning - Athlete Peyton Manning, the 14-year NFL veteran who has only played for the Indianapolis Colts his entire career, has decided on becoming a Denver Bronco after considering a host of different teams that sot his services. Although he had to miss out on a huge - $28 million huge – roster pay out this month, his net worth still is formidable at an estimated amount of $$$.
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Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr - Model Miranda Kerr makes a living as a model. Even though she had a very successful modeling career, she did not become famous until she started dating Orlando Bloom.
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Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo - Athlete At any other time in the history of soccer, Ronaldo would have been considered the best. But, he had the unlucky timing of coming onto the world scene as his nemesis from the Football Clube in Barcelona, Lionel Messi, peaked also. It rankles Cristiano to be considered number two, but the governing soccer body, FIFA, has named Messi – for the third year in a row – the best soccer player in the world.
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Birthday Celebrities
Vin Diesel turns 51 today
Torii Hunter turns 43 today

Celebrity Astrology: Cancer
Jesse Ventura
Age: 67
CC Sabathia
Age: 38
Age: 43
Lindsay Lohan
Age: 32
Sylvester Stallone
Age: 72
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 31
Derek Jeter
Age: 44
Tom Cruise
Age: 56
Richie Sambora
Age: 59
Vin Diesel
Age: 51
Pauly D 
Age: 38
Liv Tyler
Age: 41
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 31
Courtney Love
Age: 54
50 Cent 
Age: 43
Mike Tyson
Age: 52
Ryan Tedder
Age: 39
Corey Feldman
Age: 47
David Hasselhoff
Age: 66
Jesse Jane
Age: 38
Lionel Messi
Age: 31
Toby Keith
Age: 57
Gisele Bundchen
Age: 38
Sofia Vergara
Age: 46
Pamela Anderson
Age: 51
Will Ferrell
Age: 51
Rob Dyrdek
Age: 44
Elon Musk
Age: 47
Mark Burnett
Age: 58
Tom Hanks
Age: 62
Selena Gomez
Age: 26
George W Bush
Age: 72
OJ Simpson
Age: 71
Torii Hunter
Age: 43
Julian Assange
Age: 47
John Rockefeller
Age: 179
JJ Abrams
Age: 52
Edie Falco
Age: 55
Meryl Streep
Age: 69
Kevin Bacon
Age: 60
Brock Lesnar
Age: 41
Jon Jones
Age: 31
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