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Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp - Actor Johnny Depp has never fit the ordinary mold as a Hollywood leading man. Although dashing, he increasingly chooses parts that seem a bit off kilter. From his early movie days as Edward Scissorhands to his recent embodiment of Captain Jack Sparrow, you won't see Depp portraying a pinstriped New York business consultant wrestling with his marital woes.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Athlete His father learned the hard way. Don't underestimate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold went from a childhood of berating by his father to become the epitome of a bodybuilder, public speaker, politician, actor and investor. His aggressive approach to attaining his goals has built his net worth to $$$.
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Tina Fey
Tina Fey - Actor Tina Fey must have a secret obsession about collecting statuettes. Between her collection of Emmys, Screen Actor Guild Awards, Writer's Guild Awards and Golden Globes for either writing, acting or producing television parts, her shelves at home sag from the weight of her continuous contributions through victory. She has more than 18 so far. The Second City and Saturday Night Live alumni has graduated into her own award-winning comedy series, making movies, posing for magazine covers, appearing off Broadway and writing books.
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Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert - Host Stephen T. Colbert knows how make people laugh. His skill as an improvisational, satirical comedian has earned his kudos in the entertainment industry for years. He has grown his followers, called the Cobert Nation, to a point where his net worth has become $$$. Currently, Colbert hosts one of Comedy Central Channel's most popular shows. The Cobert Report airs five nights a week.
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James Cameron
James Cameron - Producer James Cameron knows no bounds when it comes to directing a movie, producing a blockbuster or going to the uber depths of the Pacific Ocean. The Canadian director, screenwriter, inventor, producer and editor doesn't understand when folks talk about limitations. Cameron pushes for what he wants in every endeavor he attempts. The best representation of his success with that methodology is his sterling net worth of $$$.
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Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood - Actor It's easy to mimic some of Clint Eastwood's historic movie lines, but it's unheard of to mimic the impact he has brought to the industry. As a tall, lean, quiet movie star, he pushed away the rift-raft without a second thought. Somehow, he has taken that brazen attitude and applied it to his directing and producing talents all the while not losing sight of his enormous acting ability.
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Birthday Celebrities
Maria Sharapova turns 32 today
Joe Mauer turns 36 today
Jesse James turns 50 today
Suge Knight turns 54 today

Celebrity Astrology: Aries
Mark Teixeira
Age: 39
Jamie Oliver
Age: 44
Wayne Newton
Age: 77
Alec Baldwin
Age: 61
Maria Sharapova
Age: 32
Miranda Kerr
Age: 36
Peyton Manning
Age: 43
Joe Francis
Age: 46
Pete Rose
Age: 78
Victoria Beckham
Age: 45
Martin Lawrence
Age: 54
Anderson Silva
Age: 44
Danica Patrick
Age: 37
Lady Gaga 
Age: 33
Joe Mauer
Age: 36
Steven Seagal
Age: 67
Al Gore
Age: 71
Robert Kiyosaki
Age: 72
Jenna Jameson
Age: 45
James Patterson
Age: 72
David Letterman
Age: 72
Reese Witherspoon
Age: 43
Age: 50
Dave Mirra
Age: 45
Steven Tyler
Age: -29
Jesse James
Age: 50
Age: 44
Elton John
Age: 72
Kristen Stewart
Age: 29
Sarah Jessica Parker
Age: 54
Jeff Dunham
Age: 57
Robert Downey Jr
Age: 54
Age: 39
Miguel Cabrera
Age: 36
Mariah Carey
Age: 49
Eddie Murphy
Age: 58
Larry Page
Age: 46
Tom Clancy
Age: 72
Suge Knight
Age: 54
Jackie Chan
Age: 65
Rosie O'Donnell
Age: 57
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