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William Hearst
William Hearst - Business Mark Twain and Jack London use to call him boss. At the turn of the 20th Century, William Randolf Hearst was set on making his mark through print journalism and the advent of mass production. Hearst took advantage of his privileged upbring and took the reigns of the San Francisco Chronicle to a place where he owned, operated and managed more that 30 large daily newspapers in large cities around the United States at great expense.
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Maloof Brothers 
Maloof Brothers - Inheritance From beer, the Maloof Brothers have rode the family coattails into an empire that includes Nevada gaming interests, a burgeoning media productions company, a professional sports franchise and the largest alcoholic beverage distributorship in New Mexico.
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DMX - Musician You won't find this guy coddling a cat. Earl Simmons – or better known as DMX – loves his dogs and has always lets everyone know about it. Matter of factly, he has incorporated the growling, barking style into his rap songs as well as the ink he that adorns his body. The love of what he considers the most loyal if not best of a man's possible friends has earned him a net worth now of $$$ after preaching that lifelong gospel.
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Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman - Athlete Well, we saw this coming. Dennis Rodman has announced some broad personal financials, which support the net worth of $$$ that we calculated some time ago.
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Shakira Ripoll
Shakira Ripoll - Musician Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a female Colombian singer, famous for her belly dancing abilities mixed with Latin, Arabic and Rock and Roll. Even though Shakira is a true star now, it took a few albums to get her there. Her first studio albums “Magia” and “Peligro” did not bring her any commercial success.
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Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown - Musician Call him triple B if you must, but most folks know Robert Braisford Brown by his stage name Bobby Brown and some of the trials that he and the late Whitney Houston got into during their tumultuous marriage. The actor, singer and sometime dancer drew his initial notoriety as the front man for New Edition. In the early 80s, the band proved popular for a while and had modest success but Brown started to rattle his saber as he believed the all of the band members were being short changed by managed. That got him booted and started on a solo career....
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Birthday Celebrities
Jon Jones turns 32 today

Celebrity Astrology: Cancer
Jesse Ventura
Age: 68
CC Sabathia
Age: 39
Age: 44
Lindsay Lohan
Age: 33
Sylvester Stallone
Age: 73
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 32
Derek Jeter
Age: 45
Tom Cruise
Age: 57
Richie Sambora
Age: 60
Vin Diesel
Age: 52
Pauly D 
Age: 39
Liv Tyler
Age: 42
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 32
Courtney Love
Age: 55
50 Cent 
Age: 44
Mike Tyson
Age: 53
Ryan Tedder
Age: 40
Corey Feldman
Age: 48
David Hasselhoff
Age: 67
Jesse Jane
Age: 39
Lionel Messi
Age: 32
Toby Keith
Age: 58
Gisele Bundchen
Age: 39
Sofia Vergara
Age: 47
Pamela Anderson
Age: 52
Will Ferrell
Age: 52
Rob Dyrdek
Age: 45
Elon Musk
Age: 48
Mark Burnett
Age: 59
Tom Hanks
Age: 63
Selena Gomez
Age: 27
George W Bush
Age: 73
OJ Simpson
Age: 72
Torii Hunter
Age: 44
Julian Assange
Age: 48
John Rockefeller
Age: 180
JJ Abrams
Age: 53
Edie Falco
Age: 56
Meryl Streep
Age: 70
Kevin Bacon
Age: 61
Brock Lesnar
Age: 42
Jon Jones
Age: 32
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