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Best Ways To Get Rich, Go Broke Editor breaks down three things that bring mega wealth, and three that send you into the gilded poor house.

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Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson - Athlete Allen Iverson may be the poster boy for RichbutBroke.
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Pete Rose
Pete Rose - Athlete Pete Rose is a famous ex-baseball player and baseball manager. He enjoyed worldwide fame when he played from 1963 until 1986. However, Rose did not leave the baseball game when he retired, because he started working as a manager even when he was still an active baseball player.
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Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr - Actor For more than 40 years, Robert Downey Jr. has been putting his mug up on the silver screen. A lot of that has to do with the fact that his father, a filmmaker, started him out when he was five-years-old. Through those four decades of portraying others, Downey has covered a wide swath. From an African-American (Tropic Thunder) to a man of metal (Iron Man), he has applied his unique talent to underplay a role as if he weren't acting. From a iconic comedic figure (Chaplin) to a petulant detective (Sherlock Holmes) unperturbed by mere character dif...
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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift - Musician She is young, talented, gorgeous, a definite triple threat and she has the impressive $$$ to prove it. Taylor Swift is doing her thing, making sweet country music for which she won four coveted Grammys including Album of the Year for her second album Fearless. ...
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Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers - Host Joan Rivers could have been described as a jack-of-all-trades. Rivers was a world-famous talk-show host, comedienne, actress, author, playwright, screenwriter, film director, columnist, lecturer, radio host, jewelry designer and also ran her own cosmetics line. ...
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Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson - Model When we speak of Pamela Anderson, it's hard to determine what her very best assets are. Some believe it's her determined efforts to enlighten people on the perils of animal cruelty. Others believe it's her efforts to enlighten folks on the plight some encounter being labeled hepatitis C positive. But most people think Pamela = sex Goddess, Playboy Cover and Tommy Lee sex video. It seems that mode has been the money mode and gotten the Canadian beauty a comfortable net worth of $$$. ...
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Usher Raymond
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Age: 91
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Age: 70
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Bruno Mars
Age: 35
Stacy Kiebler
Age: 41
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